Westin Hotel

Flawless communication for guests and staff

Westin Cape Town, part of the Starwood Hotels & Resorts, prides itself in indulging its guests in elements of well-being. Its hotel experience is defined by modern design, instinctive service and a rejuvenating atmosphere. Part of that experience is the technology that helps deliver it, from an operational, guest-centric, security and commercial perspective.

To achieve this, Westin turned to Gijima, the leading system integrator and specialist on Hospitality Communications in Southern Africa. As Gijima is a strategic partner of NEC, with its leading hospitality communication solutions, the partnership to achieve the objectives of Westin was set up in a right and professional manner.


  • State-of-the-art Hospitality Communication and
  • Management solution
  • Integration with hotel’s Property Management System
  • Optimized staff efficiency
  • High-end services for the discerning guests
  • A trusted business partner


  •  NEC Hospitality Communications Solution, consisting of:
    • NEC Communications Platform
    • Simple-to-use / feature rich guest room terminals
    • Dedicated reception terminals IP DT7xx
    • Integration with Property Management System Opera
  • Some 700 extensions throughout the hotel including its 500 rooms
  • Gijima, NEC Solution Business partners


Results & benefits

  • Integrated communication and management system
  • High level of efficiency
  • Excellent guest & employee satisfaction

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