De Bonte Wever, Assen

Improved Customer Relation Management

De Bonte Wever is a full-service hotel in Assen (province of Drenthe in the northern part of the Netherlands). De Bonte Wever is situated adjacent to one of the oldest forests in the Netherlands and is located near the historic city of Assen. De Bonte Wever wanted the ability to make use of Business Connect to have a direct link with the reservation systems at two different locations. Another requirement was to have an improved voice-response system with better voice quality than the system in use. De Bonte Wever also was looking for a solution with sufficient flexibility and scalability to be prepared for expected future growth of the company. With the combination of UNIVERGE® SV8100 and Business Connect, De Bonte Wever now has a system with much improved quality of speech and also ready for future expansion of the company.


  • Modern communication system providing sufficient flexibility and scalability for future growth





  • UNIVERGE® SV8100 communication server
  • Business ConneCT
  • Link with Freetime Hospitality VIPS booking system
  • Voice response system
  • Mobile reachability based on Bluetooth


  • Improved speech quality
  • Improved Customer Relation Management due to integration
  • High quality management information
  • Better insight into peak loads
  • Advanced voice response system
  • Scalability calculated for future growth
  • Optimal (workload) distribution incoming calls by handling reservations and other calls with the Freetime Company Service Centre
  • Prepared for VoIP use in near future
  • Shortened response times to guest requests

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