Why choose NEC

Empowering the Smart Enterprise

For over 115 years, NEC has been committed to empowering society through continuous innovation. Combining global scope with local presence, NEC provides solutions of unrivalled quality built around our leading ICT products from our expansive portfolio.

The following differentiating elements distinguish NEC’s drive for optimal results in serving the Hospitality Industry.


Many leading hotel operators, as any other international businesses, want to:

  • Streamline their IT organizations
  • Minimise the number of suppliers they work with and standardize on a limited number of vendors. These vendors need the capacity to deliver, install and support the solutions wherever the hotels of the group are located, often requiring a global presence. NEC has that capacity.

Customer Focus

Like many hotel chains and international groups, NEC distinguishes 3 regions globally:

  • Americas
  • EMEA – Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • APAC – Asia / Pacific

Per region all activities are headed by a NEC Director of Hospitality and all NEC Directors of Hospitality have a background in the International Hospitality Industry: People coming from the Industry – working with the Industry.

Our dedication to the Hospitality sector can be furthermore illustrated by the fact that NEC invests heavily in formal certification of our IT & Comms solutions by hotel operators.


One of the most important criteria when it comes to choosing a technology and deciding to invest in a solution which should last for many years, is the stability and longevity of the mother company. For that reason we strongly recommend owners as well as operators to investigate thoroughly the financial status as well as the strategic horizon of any party they consider to involve in their project.


NEC adheres to its social responsibilities by reducing the environmental impact of its business activities, and strives towards creating a sustainable society by providing environmentally sound products and services.

All NEC products and solutions (down to component level) for instance are produced and transported with an as low as possible carbonfootprint. NEC is also ISO9001 certified for its Quality Management.


Driving hotel operations efficiencies and enhanced guest services are not only a result of a strong, reliable and state-of-the-art communication solution; it consists of many more supporting products and applications.

NEC being the leader in Hospitality Communications and determined to act as a ‘one stop shop’ towards business partners and customers, has pro-actively engaged with leading complimentary solution providers that add significant value to the overall Hospitality Communication Solution.