Improving guest safety with Alarming & Mobilisation

The number of IT applications increases every year and the integration of communications capabilities into software-enabled business procedures, known as Communication-Enabled Business Processes or CEBP, optimize business process by reducing the human latency within a process flow. Every application delivers its own set of information, reports, notifications and alarms. The challenge is how to present all this information in the right format at the right time to the right persons.

MobiCall is a middleware platform that integrates communications with your existing customer business process, information and security system. Mobicall is designed to connect with external applications such as paging systems, fire alarm systems, building management and workflow systems. Prioritization per interface or alarm can be configured and one can define what, when and how an incoming event should be processed. This can result in notification of a staff member by a text or voice message, independent of infrastructure technology (DECT, WiFi or GSM). It can also lead to a notification by e-mail, SMS, SNMP and relay contacts (eg: for sirene). Messaging to Apple, Android and Blackberry smart phones is available via dedicated apps.

Conferencing & Recording

Sending voice and text messages to (large) groups of mobility users is relatively easy. In case of an urgent event a conference call can automatically be established, while all conference calls can be recorded.

Staff safety

The combination of IP DECT wireless communications and MobiCall ensures that when the mobile handset or Messenger SOS button is used, or when the handset provides a man-down indication, a central alert is given including escalation via a variety of media, such as sms, email or by voice conversation.


In addition to this detailed position information of employees can be made available. MobiCall is capable of localizing DECT handsets based on information via which Access Point the handset is connected to at a specific moment. An even more accurate method is when MobiCall is combined with Ekahau RTLS. In this configuration the location is determined based on multiple DECT Access Points. As a result, the Ekahau solution will convert this into a very precise location, to locate staff needing assistance and sending support immediately to the spot.